About Youth, Rights & Justice

Who We Are

Established in 1975, Youth, Rights & Justice is Oregon’s leading nonprofit law firm dedicated exclusively to children and families. We bring a trauma-informed lens to all of our work; seeking to promote resilience, dignity and respect.

We provide excellent client-centered representation for parents, children, and youth.

Our legal teams zealously represent our clients, fighting to make sure their voices are heard.

We narrow the achievement gap for children in foster care.

Our innovative SchoolWorks program ensures that foster children aren’t left behind when it comes to education. We provide school advocacy to ensure that our clients can enroll, attend, graduate, and succeed in school.

We reform and transform the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

By leveraging the authority of the courts and the power of the legislature, we enact system-wide reforms that benefit young people and families across the state.

25,000+ children, youth, and parents represented since 1975

3,200+ cases helping children and young people through SchoolWorks since 2002

500,000+ Oregon children and families helped by the laws, policies, and system reforms we’ve championed

Our Staff

Executive Director:
Heather Busby

Supervising Attorneys:
Lisa Kay Williams
Jennifer McGowan
Christa Obold Eshleman

Operations Director:
Gabrielle Goldsby

Director of Development:
Laurel Keppy

Director of Administration:
Ally Hood

Staff Attorneys:
Maggie Carlson
Stephanie Engelsman
Ginger Fitch
Lauren Freeman
Erica Hayne Friedman
Seth Lichenstein-Hill
Tyler Neish
Kris Paustenbach
Kelli Russell
Chris Shank
Elizabeth J. Sher
>Brian Scherman
Jennifer Stoller
Julie Sutton
Kathryn Underhill

Case Managers:
Ivan Denizac
Abby Gluckman

Family Engagement Specialist:
Olivia Vo

Social Worker (YES Program):
Josue Gomez

Data Integrity Manager:
Natalie O’Neil

Sean Quinn

April Brix
Sue Pasi

Legal Assistant Manager:
Fernanda Manzo

Legal Assistants:
DeWayne Charley
Leticea Cruz
Michelle Zavala
Vicky Morales

Records Clerk:
Chad Lucero

Discovery Clerk and Policy Coordinator:
Kendall Quinlan

Development and Communications Coordinator:
Katy Maloney

Law Clerk:
Edwina Gantzer Barajas

Our Board

President: David Rabbino, Jordan Ramis PC

Vice President: Nakia Bradley-Lawson, Gevurtz Menashe

Treasurer: Jilian Saurage Felton, Community Partners for Affordable Housing

Secretary: Tiffany Uranga

Liz Fouts, The Standard
Alan Galloway, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Rohini Ghosh, PacifiCorp
Sue Ann Higgens, Portland Public Schools (retired)
Lissa Kaufman, Lissa Kaufman Law
Bryan Leinwand, Performance Software Corporation
Ann Phillips, Zappos.com (retired)
Megan Reuther, Tonkon Torp LLP
Jacqueline Roebuck Sakho, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Liz Schlosser, The Standard
Janet Steverson, Lewis & Clark
Penny Sweeting, Geffen Mesher & Co., PC
Dana Walton-Macaulay, Independent Police Review for the City of Portland
Joel Willard, Intel

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