Many persons have been discriminated against in employment, educational opportunities, housing and enlistment in the military service because of having a juvenile court record.

The best way to make sure that your record won’t haunt you in the future is to go through the process called expunction (or expungement). Expunction means the removal and destruction or sealing of all your records with the court and related agencies. The process to get your record expunged is by submitting an Application for Expunction at the Juvenile Court. Expunction is not permissible for some serious offenses, and a waiting period from your last case termination is often required.

Looking for support in completing your application? Visit YRJ’s online Expunction Clinic, for Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington County Records.

Expunction Clinic Online Request Form

  • Clinic staff will help get your request submitted properly to the court.
  • Clinic services and application are free of charge.
  • Expunction is not possible for some serious offenses.
  • A waiting period from your last case termination may be required.
  • Expunction is not currently automatic.
  • Once your record is expunged you can deny the incident occurred and say the record does not exist.


Alternatively, you can find the Application for Expunction in Multnomah County at the Multnomah County website (this application is available in English, Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese).

For more detailed information about the expunction process, please see this guide: Getting Your Record Expunged

Please note that the information contained in this document is not meant to replace the advice of an attorney. Many of the laws regarding expunction are subject to frequent change. If you have further questions, please click on the Expunction Clinic button above and fill out the request form.