Executive Director:
Mark S. McKechnie

Supervising Attorneys:
Angela Sherbo
Lisa Kay

Director of Development and
Janeen A. Olsen

Operations Manager:
Gabrielle Goldsby

Special Events & Volunteer
Emily Sullivan

Staff Attorneys: 
Jordan Bates
Kevin Ellis
Lauren Freeman 
Lynn Haxton 
Mary Kane 
Jennifer McGowan 
Caitlin Mitchell 
Tyler Neish
Christa Obold Eshleman 
Kris Paustenbach
Elizabeth J. Sher
Adrian Smith
Julie Sutton 
Jennifer Stoller 
Kathryn Underhill 

Case Manager/Financial Assistant:
Carma Gallucci

Sean Quinn

Appeals Paralegal:
Sue Pasi

Legal Assistants:
Angee Antoine
DeWayne Charley

Natalie O’Neil

Alison Roblin
Brook Rodrigues 
Lupe Rodriguez

Legal Records Specialist:
Susan Crowston-Egly

Administrative Assistants:
Shemyia Clemons

Human Resources Coordinator:
Tamara Prince