Executive Director:
Mark S. McKechnie

Supervising Attorneys:
Angela Sherbo
Lisa Kay
Jennifer McGowan
Christa Obold Eshleman

Director of Development and
Janeen A. Olsen

Operations Manager:
Gabrielle Goldsby

Staff Attorneys: 
Jordan Bates
Maggie Carlson
Lauren Freeman 
Lynn Haxton 
Tyler Neish 
Kris Paustenbach
Elizabeth J. Sher
Adrian Smith
Julie Sutton 
Jennifer Stoller 
Kathryn Underhill
Norah Van Dusen

Case Manager/Financial Assistant:

Sean Quinn

Sue Pasi
Alison Roblin

Legal Assistants:
Angee Antoine
DeWayne Charley
Christine Finlayson
Vicky Morales
Natalie O’Neil
Lupe Rodriguez

Legal Records Specialist:
Susan Crowston-Egly

Administrative Assistant:
Shemyia Clemons

Administrative and Marketing Coordinator:
Hannah Proffitt-Allee

Human Resources Coordinator:
Tamara Prince