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Legislative Victories, 2017

Oregon took a great new step to make school stability the norm and the standard for children in foster care across the state. SB 20, a new law which we worked on in collaboration with the Oregon Departments of Education and Human Services, helps to ensure that children in foster care will stay in their home school and district unless the court finds it is in the child’s best interests to move. 

In 2017, YRJ also worked with a number of allies and partner and helped pass laws in Oregon to:

  • Prevent juveniles facing felony and misdemeanor charges from waiving their Constitutional right to an attorney (which was happening far too frequently in some counties) (HB 2616)
  • Strictly limit the shackling of youth during their juvenile court hearings (SB 846)
  • Prohibit the use of isolation (solitary confinement) as a form of punishment in state youth correctional facilities. (SB 82)

Thank You 2017

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