We urge your support of the Portland Children's Levy!

Youth, Rights & Justice urges your YES vote to renew the Portland Children's Levy for five more years. Portlanders have supported critical services for children for nearly 15 years. YRJ receives critical support for our SchoolWorks program to help ensure that children in foster care are in school and receive the support they need to succeed and eventually graduate. Thank you, Portland, for supporting SchoolWorks and other critical programs for local children in need!

HB 4009 passes, allows court to consider reinstating parental rights in limited circumstances

Youth, Rights & Justice worked with the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (OCDLA) to pass HB 4009. The final version of the bill creates a new section of the juvenile code permitting either the ward or DHS to file a motion to reinstate parental rights. Access the enrolled version of HB 4009 here.

HB 4009 safeguards adoptive families and those in the process of adopting by excluding motions to reinstate parental rights in cases where the child has been adopted (unless that adoption has been disrupted and the child no longer has a legal parent) or where there is an adoption proceeding underway. Among the other safeguards are an 18-month waiting period, the requirement of proof by clear and convincing evidence, children’s entitlement to court-appointed- counsel, a prompt permanency hearing, and period of juvenile court oversight for at least six months after the motion is granted. 


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